Molino di Sant'Antimo - Montalcino


Podernuovo Description

This is the watchtower of the vineyards.
On a downward facing slope which overlooks the valley of the river Orcia, on the border of Brunello territory, up here even the sea breezes have their influence.
At midday, Mount Amiata gives shade, as well as, its chestnut wood for restoration work and forniture making.
The local red stone also contributed to the rebuilding of this typical Tuscan farmhouse which dates from the 1800s.
At the time, its great size meant that large, extended families all lived together.
Now it is a spacious home once more, but with all modern comforts.
It is the obvious base for the administration of the farm and the business and often offers refuge and nourishment for both staff and family going about their daily work.
Frequent guests and visitors from all over the world stay here to live and breathe the culture of past times, which is jealously guarded within.